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Accounting & Tax

Are you looking for Accounting Services in Singapore?

If you do not have the budget in hiring a qualified and experienced accounts clerk, we offer budget accounting services in Singapore on a monthly/quarterly, half yearly basis, which is definitely worth the money.

Our Accounting services are reliable and confidential.

We will help you to keep accurate records of all your business and professional transactions as required by Singapore government.


Our Accounting Services includes:

  • Setting up a chart of accounts

  • Maintenance and preparation of accounting books and reports

  • Balance Sheet

  • Profit and Loss Statement

  • Trial Balance

  • General Ledger

  • Trade Creditors Listing

  • Trade Debtors Listing

  • Bank Reconciliation Report

  • Fixed Assets Register

We do not provide GST Bookkeeping or Filing services.

Some of the Documents Required:

  • Monthly Bank Statements

  • Sales Invoices

  • Receipt Vouchers

  • Expenses Invoices

  • Payment Vouchers

  • Hire-Purchase Agreements (if any)

  • Monthly CPF Statements (if any)

  • Monthly Foreign Worker Levy Statements (if any)

  • Used Cheque Book Stubs (if any)

  • Salary Vouchers (if any)

  • Any document that could possibly explain a particular accounting entry

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